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Hachiko [From Ai Yazawa’s Epic Masterpiece “NANA”]

alishatheotaku whispered: I remember very well discovering NANA accidentally, after watching the anime 'Paradise Kiss' when I was around 12-13, and even now I still love it so much. NANA has become a part of me. I've read the entire manga and seen the entire anime, and just like everyone else, I am devastated that it isn't due to be completed after Ai Yazawa's illness. So it is so nice to find a blog with as much passion for NANA as I have myself~

:D this was the sweetest message i’ve received in a while! everyone always sends me super sweet asks, but i can see how sincere your love for NANA is! [also, it isn’t for sure that NANA is over… yazawa-sensei is contributing small snippets here and there to NANA, in the form of yazawa island and junko’s room! and i believe that she wouldn’t end the manga without telling us how Nana and Hachi got separated and meet again!]


NANA Anime Character Sketches / Osaki Nana


How to look like Osaki Nana from NANA, tutorial by Michelle Phan.

People can have lovers. They can have friends. They can be together. But when you think about it, you’ll see that originally, we’re alone.

- Osaki Nana, Nana (via kuro-with-quotes) -