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Anonymous whispered: Nana is everything. ♡

UwU. Yes.

lvxele whispered: Hi, do you know where I can download scans of the manga? Thanks!

I do not! Downloading scans is definitely not as good as owning the manga, I do know you can read scans at batoto and that’s about it! Please support Ai Yazawa and try buying the manga! You can also look for comic shops that sell used copies!

In that one year and three months living with Ren.

It ended that spring, before the snow melted.

It was the end for us.

14/ Gifs of NANA
lordsbladeladyciaran42o whispered: Best blog no lie I love everything. Am amazing series thank you for being here! 😍😗🙇👰👸💞👑🎶

:3 i love being here! thank you so much!!