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"I wanted you to see me as a strong person.
Like a manga heroine who is too good to be true.”
- Nana Osaki -

Komatsu Nana [Hachi] / Basics / “Sweet Punk Style”

Anonymous whispered: you make my dash so happy ;-;

i’m happy that i make you happy~!!

O O S A K I   N A N A ▼
lamiroirr whispered: Love the blog ;w;

thank you so much!

i’m gonna make a couple more hachi and nana basics before i finish misato and concert styles. i was thinking of mixing/making a fusion of hachi and nana’s styles, like sweet punk or something. whatcha think?

Serizawa Reira / Basics / Inspi’ [x] / O. Nana [x] / K. Nana [x]

Anonymous whispered: I've been waiting for nana to get finished for forever now. Do you know of any possible updates soon?

i do not. anyone have any update info?