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OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA(TRAPNEST) | Song Titles

headphonz whispered: computer problems suck :( take care of yourself! we shall all be waiting on bated breath for your return! :D

the battery needs replaced, so i won’t be posting very often until it’s taken care of or i get a new computer

yourlolita-ladymoonscar whispered: I just love your blog so much. NANA is my life and soul. Ugh. My feels for these people. I want more chapters. I do hope Yazawa feels better soon. Excuse me while I cry in beautiful despair again. You're welcomed to join me. Lol

Thank you so much!! Everyone who loves NANA feels very much the same way! I think NANA will have a bittersweet but happy ending!

H a c h i,  for this year’s birthday, I must, buy a present for the hard working me,

a single trip ticket to T o k y oI lived with this mentality for so many y e a r s.


"I wanted you to see me as a strong person.
Like a manga heroine who is too good to be true.”
- Nana Osaki -